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Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in our hotel.

In Ahotel Hotel Ljubljana we continuously strive to please our guests. We will do our best to make sure you feel like at home. Your pet will always be kindly welcome on our premises. All pets will receive a bowl and a soft blanket to provide extra comfort. To ensure all our guests are offered a plentiful of comfort and safety, we kindly ask you to follow the below stated guidelines:

  • Pets will stay in the room or apartment together with their owner.
  • During their stay all pets must be kept on a leash or in a pet carrier at all times.
  • Only small pets are allowed. Exotic pets are not welcome.
  • No more than two pets per room are allowed.
  • Pets must not be left unnattended in the room.
  • Please refrain from taking your pet to the restaurant, breakfast – dinning room.
  • The owner must ensure their pet never bothers other hotel guests, prevent loud and frequent barking or meowing, jumping on the guests or the members of staff etc.
  • The owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet.
  • The owner of the animal accepts responsibility for any damage or personal injuries caused by the animal and subsequent cleaning or repair costs. The hotel reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card commensurate to the cost of such damages.
  • To ensure the hotel staff is safe and undisturbed, pets are not permitted in the room during the time of the room cleaning. We recommend you talk to the receptionist and arrange the most convenient time for the room service.
  • There is 20€/night pet fee which includes a blanket, a bowl and extra cleaning that is needed to prevent any allergy problems.
  • Please e-mail or phone the hotel to confirm your pet will be staying with you.

Please e-mail or phone the hotel to confirm your pet will be staying with you.